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  1. FTC to Take a Gander at Amazon's Discount Pricing Practices

    The FTC reportedly is looking into Amazon's discount pricing practices in response to a complaint filed by Consumer Watchdog over the company's pending $14 billion purchase of the Whole Foods grocery...
  2. Thread: Sage Buys Intacct

    by jss

    Sage Buys Intacct

    Sage's Tuesday announcement of its agreement to buy Intacct prompts a multilayered look at the evolution of the cloud ERP space. Both companies are partners with Salesforce and have products based on...
  3. Zoho Launches All-in-One Business Suite for SMBs

    Zoho has launched Zoho One, an all-in-one business suite comprised of more than 35 integrated Web applications and an equal number of mobile apps. The suite offers single sign-on with centralized...
  4. Facebook to Launch Paywall in Response to Publisher Pushback

    Facebook last week confirmed its plan to launch a paywall for content providers, a move that could ease longstanding tensions with traditional publishers who objected to giving away their print...
  5. New Cybersecurity Policy Will Impact Federal IT Market

    Federal agencies already under the gun to modernize their information technology capabilities have a new set of standards to meet as a result of an executive order President Donald Trump issued this...
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    Elon Musk: Luddite?

    It's hard to believe that the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX could have such reactionary views about AI. Elon Musk last weekend had some very un-Musk-like things to say about AI when he addressed...
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    SEO, SEM Rule Retailers' Marketing Budgets

    Retailers have been focusing on technologies to measure and assess customer response, and have been using the data they produce to drive e-commerce decisions, suggests a study of 136 enterprise...
  8. V2V's Place in an Increasingly Connected World

    You're probably tired of reading that the Internet of Things is the hottest thing going, and that IoT is a boon to technology and, simultaneously, a potential disaster for security and privacy....
  9. 3 Keys to Customer Satisfaction: Speed, Efficiency, Knowledge

    Customers want fast service or support from knowledgeable people where, when and how they prefer to receive it, based on results of a study the CMO Council published Tuesday. Together with SAP...
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    Trump's Plan to Make Government IT Great

    The American Technology Council, which President Donald Trump established this spring by executive order, has four years to rebuild the federal government's information technology structure. A...
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    A New Service Model

    People concerned about automation killing jobs might look at Helpshift's strategy and similar automation approaches. By enabling businesses to build help or support into mobile apps, these new models...
  12. Major Tech Firms Pressure FCC to Stay the Net Neutrality Course

    The Internet Association, which represents 40 leading technology companies -- including Facebook, Google, Amazon and others -- on Monday filed comments with the FCC, urging it to maintain Net...
  13. Facebook Launches 'Discover Growth' Global B2B Ad Campaign

    Facebook on Wednesday launched "Discover Growth," a global ad campaign targeting B2B marketers. The 30-day U.S. ad campaign, which will target direct-response marketers as well as traditional brands,...
  14. Free AI Chatbot Goes to Bat for Beleaguered Consumers

    DoNotPay, an AI-based chatbot app created to help fight parking tickets in the UK, now addresses roughly 1,000 consumer concerns and is available throughout the U.S. as well as across the pond. The...
  15. Vendor Exposes Millions of Verizon Customers on Amazon Cloud

    Verizon, the largest wireless carrier in the U.S., has confirmed that data belonging to about six million of its wireless customers was exposed after the information mistakenly was allowed to remain...
  16. Consumers Are Ready to Embrace 'Futuristic' Payment Tech

    As many as 80 percent of U.S. residents support frictionless payment methods and technologies, suggests a survey of 1,000 consumers Viewpost published this week. Among its other findings: Nearly 51...
  17. With Echo Dot at Bat, Amazon Scores Prime Day Home Run

    Amazon has hailed its third-annual Prime Day promotion as its single biggest global shopping event ever. Held earlier this week, it garnered an estimated $1 billion in sales, surpassing year-ago...
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    Amazon's Echo Show: The Future Is Here

    Amazon recently launched its Echo Show, which brings a visual screen to its smart speaker device. I wonder whether we're ready to start living in what seems like a futuristic Star Trek world. The...
  19. The 3 Crucial Stages of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

    There are three key stages of implementing a content-based lead generation strategy -- content development, targeting and prospect nurturing -- that marketers should take into account. However, they...
  20. Nanorep CTO Amit Ben: Chatbots Should Be Useful, Not Human

    "When you provide service, it can be either completely general, or contextual -- which means it's different for different demographics," said Nanorep CTO Amit Ben. "Personalized service means that...
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    Microsoft Strengthens Partner Bonds

    Microsoft has announced several new offerings aimed at strengthening its position in the cloud marketplace, including Microsoft 365 Enterprise and 365 Business, at its Inspire partner conference in...
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    Petya's Ransomware Cloaking Device

    Recent ransomware threats have escalated into a global crisis, and cybersecurity experts and government authorities have redoubled their investigative efforts. Of grave concern is the possibility...
  23. Thread: Trailhead Matrix

    by jss

    Trailhead Matrix

    Salesforce had a strong showing at its TrailheaDX developer conference, roughly quadrupling last year's attendance and flooding its developers with new technology. Over the last few years, the...
  24. Growth for Customer Loyalty Programs Slowing: Census

    Membership in loyalty programs grew at 15 percent this year to total 3.8 billion, according to the recently published 2017 Colloquy Loyalty Census Report. The growth rate recorded in the 2015 loyalty...
  25. Amazon Pushes Alexa, Highlights Small Sellers in Prime Day Deals

    Amazon is ready to disrupt the retail landscape for the third consecutive year, as it launches its July 11 Prime Day sale. The company will offer thousands of discounted items and special promotions...
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