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  1. 3 WannaCry Talking Points to Win Security Buy-In

    By this point, most technology practitioners -- and nearly all security practitioners -- know about WannaCry. In fact, you might be sick of people analyzing it, rehashing it, sharing "lessons...
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    Hootsuite Adds New Social Selling Tool

    Hootsuite on Monday launched Amplify for Selling, a mobile-first solution that helps sales teams succeed on social by generating leads and fostering revenue-driving relationships. The new tool is an...
  3. Savvy Marketers Don't Ditch the Non-Digital

    A good motto for modern marketing would be, "When in doubt, check the data." Perhaps an even better one would be, "When not in doubt, check the data to see if you should be." There's never been a...
  4. Deep Root Analytics Downplays Giant Voter Data 'Oops'

    A data contractor working on behalf of the Republican National Committee earlier this month allowed the personal data of 198 million voters to be exposed online, marking the largest ever leak of...
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    Verizon Makes New Oath

    Verizon last week completed its US$4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo's operating business assets, merging it with its existing AOL business to create Oath. The new subsidiary encompasses more than 50...
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    Amazon Spends $14B on Whole Foods

    Amazon has inked a deal to acquire Whole Foods Market for close to $14 billion in cash. The agreement includes assumption of Whole Foods' net debt. Whole Foods will run as a wholly independent...
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    Visa Seeks to Build Online B2B Ecosystem

    Visa this week announced the Visa Ready Program for Business Solutions, a strategic framework to help ensure that tech companies integrating with Visa's B2B payment services and data solutions meet...
  8. Broader Scope of Russian Election Cyberattacks Revealed

    Federal and state officials have confirmed that cyberattacks against state voting systems during the 2016 election were more widespread than previously disclosed to the public, but they said the...
  9. Swiftpage CEO John Oechsle: Better Interactions Lead to More Transactions

    "There are groups within companies that don't want to interact with a full-blown CRM application," said Swiftpage CEO John Oechsle. "They want to access it based on the functions they want it to...
  10. Chastened Uber CEO Takes Leave of Absence to Work on Self-Improvement

    Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick said he will take a leave of absence, as a company review led by Eric Holder was made public. The review sketches out a plan to make radical changes to diversify...
  11. Uber Ousts Top Deputy as Fate of CEO Kalanick Hangs in Balance

    Uber Technologies on Monday lost its second-most-important executive in a shakeup stemming from an internal investigation into sexual harassment charges. The changes at the top reportedly could...
  12. Firms Eager to Try New Sales Technologies, Survey Suggests

    More than 80 percent of high-growth sales organizations use five or more sales technologies, suggests a recent online survey of 400 companies. Velocify and the American Association of Indoor Sales...
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    Salesforce Parallelism

    For several years now, Salesforce has built distinct product lines that all work off the same platform and can integrate in interesting ways. There are product lines for the enterprise, small and...
  14. SoftBank to Take Fearsome Robots Off Alphabet's Hands

    SoftBank on Thursday announced that it will acquire robotics company Boston Dynamics from Alphabet, parent company of Google. SoftBank Robotics is the company's subsidiary that focuses on the...
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    LogMeIn Makes Bold360 Entrance at CRM Party

    LogMeIn on Thursday unveiled Bold360, a customer engagement platform that evolved from Boldchat -- the live website chat software it acquired five years ago. Bold360 has an intuitive interface that...
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    The Best Wireless Service and Smartphone

    During a recent grocery checkout conversation, the cashier asked me which was the best wireless service and best smartphone. This is a question I get frequently, and though it seems straightforward,...
  17. Microsoft Buys Hexadite to Toughen Windows Security

    Microsoft on Thursday said it has agreed to buy a Hexadite, which incorporates artificial intelligence in its automated responses to cyberthreats. The acquisition will help bolster the company's...
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    Pegasystems Nestles in AWS, Azure Clouds

    Pegasystems has deepened its 7-year-old relationship with Amazon AWS, and also has teamed up with Microsoft Azure, company officials told Pegaworld attendees on Tuesday. The deals are part of a...
  19. Amazon Courts Low-Income Customers With Deep Prime Discount

    Amazon on Tuesday introduced a Prime membership priced at $5.99 monthly for people on government assistance who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card. A Prime membership ordinarily costs...
  20. Apple's Risky Gambit to Redefine the Smart Speaker

    Before Apple launched its long-awaited HomePod smart speaker earlier this week, the expectation was that it would unveil a sophisticated Echo killer that would redefine the landscape that Amazon has...
  21. Seeding the Next Generation of Consultancies

    There's been a lot written recently about how artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are going to displace millions of workers. However, these powerful new technologies already...
  22. Thread: The [xxx] Economy

    by jss

    The [xxx] Economy

    While sitting in the audience at Zuora's recent Subscribed event, I couldn't help contemplate the meaning and progress of what was once a set of words that didn't roll off the tongue. I am talking...
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    Alphabet Jumps on the $1K-a-Share Train

    Alphabet shares reached a new record high on Monday, surpassing the $1,000 benchmark just a week after Amazon accomplished the feat. Investors placed bets that Google's core search and emerging AI...
  24. Managing Commissions to Boost Sales Productivity

    Ask salespeople and they'll tell you: They don't have enough time in the day to sell. That's not because the laws of physics cause salespeople to move through time faster than the rest of us -- it's...
  25. Zuora VP Matt Darrow: The Intelligence of the Subscription Model

    "We think of 'subscription' broadly," said Matt Darrow, VP and general manager of product at Zuora. "It's when companies do business with customers with whom they have a known relationship, and those...
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