This information is provided during registration and through a notification at the top of each page, but for the sake of clarity we are providing it here as well.

All internet forums face a constant battery of registration and posting attempts by spammers, who employ scripted programs or "spambots" to automatically register accounts and post links as fast as they possibly can. Because of this most forums (and other sites) employ some kind of human verification such as reCaptcha.

The problem with reCaptcha is that the people making the spambots are quite clever and have found various methods for bypassing this verification system. This is why we ask one of several pre-written human verification questions, as they are more effective in stopping these attacks. The questions are made to be as simple as possible; many times the answer is actually contained in the question itself! They are very easy for a human to figure out, but a computer can't think like we do.

You will need to answer one of these questions for the first five posts you make. After that, the requirement will be dropped and you will be free to post as normal. It is important to note that during this five post probationary period, if you attempt to make a post containing a URL it will be automatically held for approval by a moderator.

We realize this is a bit of a bother, but between our human verification questions and blocking of URLs we have completely eliminated the spambot menace, which had been responsible for hundreds of registrations per day, and many countless junk postings. After you have reached five posts, you may post URLs as normal!

If you have any concerns, or if you feel the system has malfunctioned and flagged you as a spambot, please don't hesitate to contact us!